History trail

This virtual walk, with commentary from local historian Geoffrey Mead, runs from the station to the Museum. It zig-zags between tourist Brighton and little-known alleyways. The walk was created by My Brighton and Hove for the 24 Hour Museum.

Begin the walk by clicking on The station below.

Page link: The Station
The Station
Wonderful Victorian engineering
Page link: Trafalgar Terrace
Trafalgar Terrace
Like pencils in a box
Page link: Frederick Gardens
Frederick Gardens
Industry and agriculture
Page link: North Road
North Road
A mediaeval field boundary
Page link: Brighthelm Centre
Brighthelm Centre
A zone in transition
Page link: Clifton Terrace
Clifton Terrace
Houses for swanky merchants
Page link: St Nicholas Church
St Nicholas Church
The oldest building in Brighton
Page link: Wykeham Terrace
Wykeham Terrace
Officers, nuns and fallen women
Page link: Duke Street
Duke Street
One entrance to the Lanes
Page link: Dukes Lane
Dukes Lane
A clever pastiche
Page link: Friends Centre
Friends Centre
Quaker meeting house
Page link: Quadrophenia Alley
Quadrophenia Alley
A shrine to mods
Page link: East Street
East Street
Used to be the town slum
Page link: Brighton Pier
Brighton Pier
A place to 'promenade'
Page link: Old Steine
Old Steine
The fishermens' workplace
Page link: Royal Pavilion
Royal Pavilion
As a palace it is pretty poky
Page link: Brighton Museum
Brighton Museum
The cultural legacy of Brighton
Page link: About the trail
About the trail