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Local History forum posting guidelines

By Jennifer Drury

10 years of service

This forum is a very important resource here at My Brighton and Hove. Over the ten years we have been online, our local historians and other knowledgable individuals, have helped thousands of enquirers with their searches and problems.

Clarifying its purpose

In order to make sure that visitors are clear about the intended purposes of the board, these are our posting guidelines. Please do observe them when submitting your enquiry. Unless you adhere to these guidelines your post will be deleted.

  • This is not a chat board. Your enquiry must be specifically related to local history.
  • This is not the place to look for old friends or acquaintances - we recommend checking out the Wikihow page for this purpose
  • Please no reminiscences - no trips down memory lane.
  • Family history enquiries are accepted but only for individuals pre 1911. We recommend you try websites like Genes Reunited or
  • When making an enquiry, be as specific as possible with names/dates/locations.
  • Please acknowledge replies to your enquiries – a thank you is just good manners!

This page was added on 09/11/2010.

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