Best of Brighton and Hove

Here are some of the streets, shops, parks and - well, anything at all! - that Brighton people have picked out for us as the 'best'.  Add your own opinion on the Pick your own page.

Page link: Beach
'You can just keep on walking'
Page link: Beach
A child's memories, 2003
Page link: Best of Brighton and Hove
Best of Brighton and Hove
Burning of the Clocks
Page link: Cafe Rouge
Cafe Rouge
Reminders of Geneva
Page link: Clifton Terrace
Clifton Terrace
Stylish, elegant and well laid out
Page link: Ditchling Road
Ditchling Road
I've arrived at last
Page link: Extra-mural cemetery
Extra-mural cemetery
A haven of peace
Page link: George Street, Hove
George Street, Hove
A good community spirit
Page link: Hanover Street
Hanover Street
Particularly pleasant
Page link: King's Road
King's Road
The Arches
Page link: Mad Hatter Cafe
Mad Hatter Cafe
It's just so pleasant
Page link: North Laine
North Laine
Always something going on
Page link: Pavilion Gardens
Pavilion Gardens
A magical place
Page link: Personal view of Brighton Seafront
Personal view of Brighton Seafront
A lot to be proud of
Page link: Pierre's Cafe
Pierre's Cafe
Don't judge a book by its cover
Page link: Queen's Park
Queen's Park
You could hear the school bell
Page link: Undercliff Walk
Undercliff Walk
It'll drag you in