French visitor's tour

"My name is Christel. I am 25 years old. I finished my studies in France two years ago. I decided to come over because I wanted to improve my English. I've been in Brighton five months and I think I'll stay at least one or two years.

When you asked me to take some pictures of Brighton, I just went for a walk and when something caught my eye I shot it: funny things that I have never seen, picturesque things, colours, and architecture, or things that remind me of France."

The French Visitor's Tour was created for the 'My Brighton' museum exhibit, launched in 1995. Christel has now gone back to live in France.

Page link: Churchill Square
Churchill Square
A kiosk like those in Paris
Page link: The Lanes
The Lanes
A strange shop
Page link: Deckchairs
A sympathetic atmosphere
Page link: Richmond Road
Richmond Road
Hills, hills, hills
Page link: Vere Road
Vere Road
Painted doors
Page link: Kensington Gardens
Kensington Gardens
The most lively area in Brighton
Page link: Brighton Pier
Brighton Pier
The Palace Pier by night
Page link: The Geese Have Gone Over the Water
The Geese Have Gone Over the Water
Where I met my English friends