Entertainer's tour

"Hello, my name's Sergeant Stone. I'm Brighton's Punch and Judy man. I started doing Punch and Judy in 1974, and I'm still doing it now. Brighton has always had a great seaside entertainment tradition and I'm glad to be part of it. Why don't you join my tour?

"I chose this tour because all the pictures in it really genuinely mean something to me. They've been part of what I've been doing for the last 20 years. All the locations that you see are things that have been part of my life in Brighton, whether it's something very big like the crashing of a big boat, or something really small. They're all just as important really."

The Entertainer's Tour was created for the My Brighton museum exhibit, launched in 1995. Mike Stone died in 2005 and there is a tribute to him on the site.

Page link: Hippodrome
A magnificient foyer like a Sultan's palace
Page link: Athina B
Athina B
All they left was the anchor
Page link: Old Steine
Old Steine
Brighton's very own Jaguar?
Page link: Hanbury Arms
Hanbury Arms
Drinking with Mr Punch
Page link: Paddling Pool
Paddling Pool
Paddling with Mr Punch
Page link: Brighton Pier
Brighton Pier
Relaxing on the helter-skelter
Page link: Quadrophenia Alley
Quadrophenia Alley
Romantic encounters
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West Pier
The wedding cake bandstand