Illustrator's tour

"I've chosen these photos to put something together that will give other people space to say what they find important, but also to tell myself a story; to focus in on a place and see the sort of connections that add together and make a narrative sense, if no other sense. They seem to say something like: 'this is where I live and this, because of where I live, is something about the sort of person that I am."

The Illustrator's Tour was created for the My Brighton museum exhibit, launched in 1995.

Page link: Cavendish Place
Cavendish Place
A beautiful bollard
Page link: Gloucester Road
Gloucester Road
A shop retailing architectural salvage
Page link: 101a Gloucester Road
101a Gloucester Road
A surreal shop window
Page link: Trafalgar Terrace
Trafalgar Terrace
A tiny patch of green
Page link: Foundry Street
Foundry Street
Home Sweet Home
Page link: Portland Street
Portland Street
Patchings Builders Yard: dates from 19th century
Page link: Upper Gardner Street
Upper Gardner Street
Secondhand clothes: a fashion statement
Page link: Prince Albert Street
Prince Albert Street
The Victorian meets the Georgian