Waterworks, Lewes Road (no longer exists)

Brighton's first piped water c1834

by John Blackwell, St. Peter's Area Editor

Brighton's first piped water supply was provided to a few privileged customers in about 1834 from a well and pumping station in Lewes Road, in what is now Saunders Park. The supply was only available for two hours per day, which of course was most unsatisfactory. In 1853 a company known as the Brighton Hove and Preston Constant Service Waterworks was formed and absorbed the older company.

Closed in 1903 due to contamination
A new pumping station was built in 1866 at Goldstone Bottom, now the British Engineerium. The Lewes Road pumping station closed in 1903 and was demolished due to contamination of the source. In 1872, water supply became a municipal undertaking with the acquisition of the water company by the Corporation. The Constant Service public house in Islingword Road is a reminder of the old company which owned the nearby reservoir.

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