Goldstone Street

Photo:Goldstone Street/Livingstone Road corner in 1950

Goldstone Street/Livingstone Road corner in 1950

From the private collection of Ernie Charman/Dinnages (0102)

Photo:Goldstone Street/Livingstone Road corner in 2005

Goldstone Street/Livingstone Road corner in 2005

Photo by Gordon Dinnage

Life in the 1950s

By Gordon Dinnage

On the corner of Livingstone Road, where I used to live, and Goldstone Street, there were various shops as described by Michael Cheal. The view of 1950 shows the original 'Corner Store' for grocery and provisions. The Humber car was evidently a sight as onlookers stood there while the photographer took his picture. The majority of the children are tidily dressed with coats and hats. Note the window stickers 'New Registrations' in reference to the various shortages at the time, being not long after the war, with Lux, Bev, Lyons Coffee and Lyons Tea adverts in the windows. Next door you can see the Upholster J. Ryder which, I can recall for years, was a white washed window for a printer.

A basket full of vegetables
Next up was the Greengrocer, who had a delivery man and who lived in a house just round the corner, in Clarendon Road. I distinctly remember he rode a bike, delivering all those fresh fruit and vegetables. The car has the old, now collectable, metal AA badge on the grille where all we get these days is a windscreen sticker

Pets on the corner
This same corner shop, for my years in the street, was known as a pet shop. The basement section was full of fish tanks with the usual hamsters and similar animals on the ground floor. In this second modern view of today, you see the store has come full circle, being again a 'Corner Store' as the local mini-market for grocery and provisions. Flats were built in the roof loft, and the rest of the retail shops have all long gone.

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I used to work there when it was a pet shop. I was 16 then. It was fun.
By Bridget (14/03/2006)

I wonder if anyone remembers my Father, Edward Richard Allen who used to live over a shop in Goldstone Street (near to the bus depot) with his partner Ann. He lived there for many years until the 70s when he moved to Goldstone Rd. My father used to work at Hove Police Station, though I'm not sure what he did. I visited him several times at Goldstone Street and Road sometimes with my family. I would like to know if anyone remembers him as there is a bit of a mystery I would like to solve.

By Joan Greenup (10/05/2007)

I worked at Hove Printing Company at 2 Goldstone Street from 1958 to 1963. At first we worked in the converted house fronting the street but later the works moved to an old bakery in the back of the building where there was much more room. I served my apprenticeship with the company in the composing department. As an apprentice, one of my jobs was to melt the old lead type down and cast it into new ingots to be re-used in our Monotype typesetting machine. This was done in a half-covered shed on the premises, in all weathers. When the moulds were damp, as they often were being outside, the molten lead would 'spit' as I poured it into the moulds, often splattering my trousers with hot lead. Another job of mine was to wax the office floor on my hands and knees every Monday morning. My uncle, Bill Bardsley, worked at the company for many, many years as a Monotype keyboard operator, and he was responsible for getting me the job there. Even after he retired, the company often called him back to work when it was really busy.

By Nick Pattenden (22/02/2008)

I was born at 14 Goldstone Streeet 21/08/1956 which was above a meat factory in 1956. My father was exploring the business of pre-packed meat and this was one of the first in the country. He sold his idea to what later became Findus foods. Any one know this address?

By Tina (01/05/2008)

Does anyone remember a small fire-wood factory on the east side between Ellen and Clarendon? They chopped logs and made bundles of the sticks to sell in grocers shops in the area. 3d a bundle if I remember. It may have been run by a member of the Ford family.

By Ken Graimes (06/10/2008)

I remember quite a lot about Goldstone Street as my father had an electrical/radio, and later television, shop there. He originally had it as a sweet shop before the war. I believe he was there from about 1935 till it was all redeveloped in the mid 60's. I seem to remember it being No.16 Goldstone Street but I could be wrong. It was located between Clarendon Road and Ellen Street and was on the west side next to Chippings the paper shop with Corals the coal merchants opposite. I also recall Hiscocks the greengrocers, Bullens the sweet shop, Clarks bakery, Divalls transport cafe. Anybody remember my old Dad, called Stan, he was well known in that area.

By Gordon Coleman (21/08/2009)

I lived in Goldstone Villas from 1948-56. I remember the area well. My brother worked in the printing works. The sound of the monotype machines. I do remember the fish and chip shop in that area. In there every Friday night.

By Jim Lewis (13/07/2015)

To Tina. 14 Goldstone Street is shown in the second pic at the top of this page, with the van in front of it. You ask for an address, but it's not clear which address you want. 14 Goldstone St was Sussex Meats Ltd, in 1958. Findus Foods is a national company and you can probably find their history on the web.

By Renia Simmonds (20/09/2016)