Introduction to Moulsecoomb

A Moulsecoomb poem

By Tim Ovard

This is a beautiful poem about Moulsecoomb which is from the book 'Moulsecoomb Memories' by Sheila Winter, published by QueenSpark Books:

Memories of Moulsecoomb
Are forever in my mind,
Of loving, caring people
And friends I left behind,
Of playing in the sunshine
Where hopes and dreams were born,
Bird song in the cherry trees
Each day at early dawn.

Memories of laughter
And although we were poor,
Our wealth was in the humour
That dwelt behind each door.

Memories of Moulsecoomb
Will forever stay with me,
Moulsecoomb days
and Moulsecoomb ways -
A cherished memory.

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Comments about this page

Love this. Moulscoomb was great in 1956 - 1971.

By Shirley Grace (nee Jennings) (11/02/2011)

Oh yes, I remember the cherry trees in the 50s. So lovely.

By Chris Starnes (14/06/2013)