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If any of you recognize yourself in these photos or if you lived on the old estate of Mile Oak in the 30s, 40s or early 50s, we are planning a Mile Oak Revisited July 27th and July 28th. Please contact for more details.

By Bonny Cother / Veronica Bentley (25/05/2008)

The class photo from St. Nicholas C of E school 1951?
Top row - I believe that 4th from left is Michael Barton and the 7th from left is Alan Worley
Next to top row - I believe that the 4th from left is Audrey Hyde and the 9th from left is Sylvia Whittington.
Bottom row - I believe that the 2nd from left is Robin Gander (lived in Applesham Way), 6th from left Billy Swann, 8th from left (definitely me), Peter Rowley and the 9th from left Michael Allison.

By Bonny Cother/ Veronica Bentley (14/06/2008)

I have only recently found this wonderful sight. I am eager to get in touch with Sue Birchel, daughter of Joan, also Amy who lived in the big house in the corner of the village, and any one else who remembers Cynthia Burton.

By Cynthia Miller (09/10/2009)

Cynthia can you let your family members know we have another reunion this year, in Mile Oak... specifically those who still live in the me at we would love to see you all again.

By Bonny Cother (14/05/2010)