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Ron, I would be interested to know whether your interest in radio resulted in you eventually becoming a radio "ham"?

By John Wall (04/07/2008)

Hi John. Matters didn't get that far. Radio Hams were mainly a product of the much more wealthy type of person so far as I was concerned in those days. I was living almost on buttons! Small valve sets was as far as I got, buying resistors, condensers and coils etc from odds and sods shops in the Sidney Street area. A bit too long ago for me to stretch the mind precisely on it. Also, one or two girls came into the picture ... I became a VHF operators licence holder in very much later years, which was a necessity for me as a sailing yacht skipper. MAPY 7 - but I relinquished it some years ago. I built my first yacht in the corner of a cornfield at Wannock, just outside Eastbourne which took me three years. The car boot was my mobile workshop. Too few tools, and mostly hand carved teak interior. All very much worth it, showing a very handsome profit after five years sailing it and leading to a much bigger one I completed which we kept for a long time then still eventually sold at a tremendous profit. We were lucky to have sailed in times of experience and deep interest rather than of today's times when too much reliance is placed on electronic location. I still have my sextant and a few other odds and ends. However, I digress and apologise!

By Ron Spicer (04/07/2008)

My name is Roger Dobson and I used to live at 85 Newick Road and moved to the Crescent in South Moulsecoomb. Having just found this great website I just had to write a few comments. Ref a section in MBH a Ron Spicer mentioned the air raid shelters in the playground of the junior school with a certain Miss Joan Bell. Well as it happens Joan Bell is my mum and is still living at the Crescent. Fond memories from my mum. Do you remember the Hammonds and Fords? I hope I get some replies as I have lots of memories of Newick Road, Moulsecoomb School (all) and local football and cricket clubs and long lost school friends. Many thanks

By Roger Dobson (20/01/2013)

Hi Roger. Have a peep into the Growing Up In The 1930s page where you'll see I answered a comment from your sister, Joan.

By Ron Spicer (20/02/2014)