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Photo:Street market: location unknown

Street market: location unknown

From the private collection of Stefan Bremner-Morris

The 'Flea Market' 1959

By Stefan Bremner-Morris

I took this photo on a very hot summer day in about 1959. All I know is that the market was simply called 'The Flea Market' by my relations who lived in Brighton.

I don't know where it was situated by road name. Perhaps somebody can recognise the characters and the area?

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It is Upper Gardener Street.

By Ray Smith (25/11/2008)

Hello Stefan Yes it is Upper Gardener Street, don't know anyone in the photo. I use to love walking through there with my mum and seeing all the old treasures. I remember I saw an old china clock there one day and it reminded me of the one my Grandfather William Taylor always had on his mantelpiece along with two candle sticks that matched the clock, they were white with a blue pattern(a bit like willow pattern).

By Maralyn Eden (26/11/2008)

We knew it as the barrers (barrows). My husband's grandad used to go there every Saturday. For our wedding in 1966, we got an iron and board, a tin opener and some nails scissors all garnered by this elderly, lovely man, Bob Roberts. The scissors are still in use by my daughter. Later two baby bonnets were bought by him.

By Maggie (29/05/2009)

Congratulations Maggie--twins?

By Stefan Bremner-Morris (21/06/2009)