Brighton Hove and Sussex Grammar School 58

School photograph 1958

Photo:Brighton Hove and Sussex Grammar School

Brighton Hove and Sussex Grammar School

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I'm guessing this was taking in the school year 1957-1958 because I can't see any of my classmates.

By Peter Cobrin (24/09/2017)

Yes it was 57/58 school year, when I was in the upper VIth - 7th from the right, 3rd row up in the photo. The faces along the row are amazingly familiar after all this time, but sadly I can recall the names of only a handful of pupils and staff. Maybe some of those will identify themselves??

By Michael Bizzey (30/09/2017)

In case you missed me, big brother, I am there too three rows behind Rodney Stone (he of the 'Rodney Rations') and four to the left. I must have been in the 4th form, a few familiar faces there. John Francis with his familiar frown, Chris Wellings, John Lee, Roger Morgan and that's about all I can recall.

By Tim Bizzey (05/10/2017)