Mystery photos of Brighton and Hove

A rave from the grave!

By Jennifer Drury

As you have probably guessed, I have been ferreting through museum photographs again.

Now I have to admit - this is a sneaky one. You will probably only know it if you were a regular visitor to the location.

For those of you who recognise it - please don't ruin the surprise - just post 'I know where it is'. I will reveal all in a couple of days - and then maybe you could write up some memories.

Good luck!

Photo:Mystery photo : click to open larger version in a new window

Mystery photo : click to open larger version in a new window

Royal Pavilion and Museums Brighton

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I think I know where it was...

By Ro (19/07/2018)

I can only think of one place this might be, and I am not 100% certain by any means.

By Alan Hobden (19/07/2018)

OK - time for a clue - think coffee bars.

By Jennifer Drury (19/07/2018)

I am pretty sure I know where this was.

By Philip Burnard (19/07/2018)

My thought was "The Cottage", in Middle Street.

By Alan Hobden (19/07/2018)

Not the Cottage Alan, I was in there a lot in the early 1970's and its not the Cottage.

You're right Peter - not The Cottage - keep trying 
Jennifer ;0)

By Mr Peter Groves (19/07/2018)

A wild guess - 'The Whisky a Go-Go' in Queens Square.

By Derek lake (20/07/2018)

I think this was the Zodiac Coffee Bar.

Great ideas here guys - but this popular coffee bar still eludes you.
Will publish the answer tomorrow (Sun 22)
Jennifer ;0)

By Philip Burnard (20/07/2018)

It's upstairs, so is it the Istanbul? entered up an iron stairway from Grenville Place and above the Western Rd shops.

Well done Geoff - it certainly is - how could you forget that awful wallpaper. Thanks to everyone - it was fun wasn't it?
Jennifer ;0)

By Geoffrey Mead (22/07/2018)

I mustapha rest after all that excitement!

By Alan Hobden (22/07/2018)

I think this wallpaper was fab! Who can remember the colours of it??

By Chemical Jax (09/08/2018)