North Street

'Tudorbethan' show house

By Jennifer Drury

Popular 'Tudorbethan' style

In December 1932, the corner of Prince’s Place and North Street, in the heart of Brighton, was transformed into a piece of tranquil suburbia. Amongst the banks and department stores stood a detached Elizabethan style house complete with garden. In fact, this house was the property of Braybon’s, house builders, and was designed as a show house to promote their estates on the outskirts of the town. The style of the architecture came to be known as 'Tudorbethan' and was very popular at the time. 

House prices compared

The house was surrounded by a garden comprising of rockeries, a lily pond, a rustic bridge, pergola and shrubs and flowering plants. Inside were a drawing room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and three bedrooms. It was described as an ‘all electric house’ in the ‘best Elizabethan style. All this could have been yours for £795; in today's market it would sell at around £800,000.

The show house was removed in August 1934 for the building of Prince’s House and was re-erected in Hillbrow Road, Withdean where it stands today.

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Photo:The show house in North Street

The show house in North Street

Royal Pavilion and Museums Brighton

Photo:Show house details

Show house details

Royal Pavilion and Museums Brighton

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I have eventually been able to understand the location by the building on the far right, which is still there today.  Its a shame that the building directly behind has gone!

By Peter Groves (10/04/2018)