Photo:March of the Mods - released in 1964

March of the Mods - released in 1964

From the private collection of Jennifer Drury

A 'stamp out' at the Starlight

By Lyn

Celebrating great events

As we moved into the 1960s I remember the Union Jack flags were hung out of windows to celebrate the start of a new decade, something you do not see now. There were also banners and flags hung out to celebrate Princess Margaret's wedding to Lord Snowdon, then Anthony Armstrong-Jones.

The circus comes to town

A great event was when the circus came to town. They paraded along Western Road on their way to Hove Park. The traffic was diverted while cages of animals travelled through the street, and young women rode on the necks of elephants or on horseback. There were so many people I had to climb on one of those green boxes that contain grit, so that I could see it all.

Pink Floyd in 1967

I remember many Sunday evenings at the Top Rank Suite dancing to Syd Dean and his Orchestra; I think they started playing there when the famous Regent Dance Hall closed down. Does anyone remember doing the March of the Mods or the Can Can? I remember buying tickets to see a Pink Floyd concert at the Top Rank, it must have been about 1967.  But my favourite haunt was the Starlight Rooms. There was no license to serve alcohol; you would get your hand stamped so you could go to the pub across the road for a drink, then return to the Starlight. It was always pitch dark in there and I don't recall any seats or tables – but was terrific.

Do you remember?

OK now is the time to come clean. Were you a Mod or a Rocker? If you can share your memories with us, please leave a comment below.

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This is a brilliant article I really enjoyed it! My Dad tells me lots of stories about going to Brighton on scooters from London and how the Mods had such a fierce rivalry with the Rockers. He told me of a friend who drove his scooter into the sea for a dare and totally wrote it off! Its great inspiration for my 60's show!

By James Goddard (14/02/2014)

I can remember dancing March of the Mods down the Top Rank with my boyfriend (now hubby) and his sister. He too had a Lambretta, which he sold to buy my engagement ring.
Does anyone remember Saturday morning at the Regent for dancing?

By Patricia Maggs (09/03/2014)

The Starlight was the best! Run by Lionel who used to be at The Regent and owned by Mo. All the scooters used to line up outside and we used to come off the beach at the week-end about 4pm and go to the Starlight until 6pm. There was a pub opposite run by Percy where we used to go for a drink as there was no alcohol in the Starlight. Those over 18 used to go to the Pop-In next door.  Does anyone have any photos of the Starlight please?

By Geri Davies (was Adams) (20/09/2015)

I remember you Geri, we had some great times at the Starlight Rooms. The walls were wet with condensation on a busy night! I preferred the Florida Rooms where The Who played most weekends. Cost to get in for an all-night rave? All of two shillings and sixpence! You knew me as Jean Jefferies then. I now live in France.

By Jean Barrett (25/09/2015)

Geri Davies, yes I have a pic of the Starlight taken from outside.

I was born and lived most of my life in Brighton so I used to go to the Starlight Rooms every week and the Tudor Bar just down the road and also the Barn/Florida Rooms where The Who played most Thursday nights. rogergb1@live.com

By Roger Graham-Brown (22/06/2016)

I was a mod in the sixties and watched the Small Faces in the barn, the Who in the Florida rooms, Geno Washington, Syd Dean at the Top Rank Suite. We had full length leather coats made at Royces in Queens Rd, wore suits on Sunday and Levis and boots for Friday and Saturday night fighting the rockers. French blues, dexedrin and purple hearts were readily available on nearly every corner. Loved Brighton in the sixties.

By Barry Woolford (08/03/2017)