Davigdor Secondary School for Girls

School group photographed c1968

By Janet Lade

Photo:Davigdor Secondary School for Girls

Davigdor Secondary School for Girls

From the private collection of Janet Lade

This photograph shows me and a group of friends from Davigdor Secondary School for Girls.

It was taken c1968; I have named those I remember and apologise for not being able to identify the others.

Back row: ?, Jackie Gold?, Susan Simpson, ?, ?

Janet Lade, Maree Finn, Patricia Terry?, ?, Sandra Budgen?, ?, ?, ?, ?

Did you attend this school? Do you recognise yourself or anyone else? If you can help, please post a comment below

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Comments about this page

Hi Janet, thanks for posting this photo. I remember most of the girls here but unfortunately I left the year before in 1967 due to ill health but it brings back happy memories.

By Michelle Hillman (15/02/2016)

I went to Davigdor but left in 1963.  Girls I remember are: Sandra and Marilyn Mandelbaum, Jane Todd, Pat Sinclair, Lesley Pressley, Stephanie Browne, Marianne Emanuel, Susan and Pauline Emanuel, Lisbeth Connell, Helen Minsley, Loretta Goodman, Vasey Djalali. Has anyone got any photos?  For some reason I haven't got any class photos but do remember being in the 5th year and there being an English Language school along the road and being a prefect and not having to go outside at break-time, leaning out of the window and wolf whistling the foreign boy students?!

By Geraldine Adams (06/09/2016)

Hi, I went to Davigdor and remember nearly all of the faces above. I left in 1965 or 1966 and now reside in Canada.  A real trip down memory lane for sure. Hope everyone is doing well.

By Lindsay Martin (16/01/2018)

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