Do you remember the shop?

St James's Street

By Jennifer Drury

This photograph shows St James's Street and the entrance to Steine Street, photographed in 1960.

Burghopes on the corner had moved here from North Street a few years earlier.

Do you remember Burghopes? Did you use the tobacconists opposite? Maybe you called into the Ice Cream Lounge cafe?

If you can share your memories with us, please leave a comment below.

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Photo:St James's Street 1960

St James's Street 1960

Image reproduced with kind permission of The Regency Society and The James Gray Collection

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Just around the left hand corner at the bottom of St James's St turning to the sea was Clark's College, in the building with the plaque mentioning Algenon Gideon Mantel. The son of the people who owned the ice cream parlour attended the school but I have forgotten his name. Their milk shakes were the best in Brighton and at that time cost 10d - just under 10p 

By Ken Ross (04/06/2014)

Or perhaps you remember drinking a pint of Toby ale in the pub just round the corner!

By Peter Groves (05/06/2014)

Ken, 10d was just under 5p, mind you 1971 was a long time ago!

By Peter Groves (05/06/2014)

I remember the tobacconists opposite Burghopes. It was called The House of Bewley. I went there for a job when I was about 16. I didn't get the job thankfully, the place seemed so stuffy with all the smells of the different tobaccos on sale. Bewleys also had a shop just across the Steine in Castle Square. When I went through a phase of pipe smoking I did go to Bewleys for my pipe tobacco which was called House of Holland, if I remember right. 

By Mick Peirson (05/06/2014)

Hi Ken. Not sure 10d is equal to our 10p now? In my memory it was 12 old pennies to a shilling which then became our 5 pence piece. That means your milk shake is now only less than 5p. I well remember 1971 when we went decimal. But not so clear what the old money was anymore.

By Sandra Bohtlingk-Baldwin (05/06/2014)

Remember this well, Jimmy's  was just around the corner. Pavilion YC used to have their social gatherings at this place, I remember Sir Alex Hume  gave  a visit during the Conservative conference one year. Also the small pub across the road the name escapes me at the moment. Good old times!  

By Joe Mann (07/06/2014)

Thanks for correction re money. In fact when I was buying milk shakes it was in 1948!

By ken Ross (07/06/2014)

The Ice Cream Lounge was run by my mother's parents, Giorgio and Anna Bertoncini. They sold not only ice cream, but confectionery, snacks and meals. They opened all day, every day apart from Christmas Day. I spent a lot of time there as a young child in the '50s and remember that the bus drivers and conductors used to come for a cup of tea in their break, often pouring the tea into the saucer to cool it down so they could drink it quickly.

By Anita Craggs (10/02/2017)

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