Downs School

Miss Hake's class c1963.

By Laurence

Miss Hake's class

Unfortunately, I can only remember a few of the names of pupils.

Back row: Miss Hake, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Paul Ferroni,??, ??, Paul Sheppherd 

2nd row: ??, ??, ??, me - Larry Roy, ??, ??, ??, ??, ?? 

3rd row: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Sandra Fields, ??, ??, ?? 

4th row: ??, ??, ??, ??

I do hope that people with better memories will be able to recognise more pupils. If you do recognise yourself or anyone else, please post a comment below.

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Photo:Class photograph c1963

Class photograph c1963

From the personal collection of Larurenc

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Pretty sure 2nd from left on front row is Raymond French,and far right on row 2 are Michael Townsend and Robert Mitchell.

By Marc Turner (22/03/2018)