Elm Grove School

Class photograph c1950s

By Coral Luke

Among some of the children shown in the photograph are Roy Large, Gerald Oxley, Lesley Westgate, Sally Thompsett, Caroline Jupp, Bobby Linstead, Penelope Lister, Maureen and Jill.

I am second from the right in top row; the teacher is Mrs Love.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone else here? Can you share your memories of this time? Please leave a comment below.

Photo:Elm Grove School class photograph c1950s

Elm Grove School class photograph c1950s

From the private collection of Coral Luke

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Which one's Robert Linstead? My friend Anna Roberts married a Bob Linstead, they met when we were very young.

By Rosemary Appleton (07/03/2014)

I think I am the child on the right hand end of the bottom row, my name was Pauline Woodham, now Roberts.  I have an older sister called Valerie and an older brother named Ronald. We moved to West Yorkshire in 1954. I think the child sat next to me (second on the right, bottom row) is June Collier. We all lived on Upper Wellington Road. I would love to hear anything about June.

By Pauline Woodham (24/04/2014)

I went  to Elm Grove School in the 50s but do not remember this photo or the teacher, but think I can see myself in it. Were you Coral Parsons, if so we were friends at junior school.

By Caroline (Jupp) (22/08/2014)

Hi Pauline,

What number in Upper Wellington Road did you live on? I lived on Upper Wellington quite recently.

By Rebecca H (04/09/2014)

I had Mrs Love as a teacher. I think Bob Linstead lived in Cobden Road, he later worked with my husband for Segas, now British Gas. I remember other teachers: Mrs Large, Miss Tutt or Tullet and the nurse/secretary/dinner lady Mrs White.

By Gay Patrick (21/12/2014)

Someone I spoke to last night told me they recognised me from this photo! How long ago?  I am the Jill mentioned at the top of the page - was Jill Lassetter then. I remember a few faces and names.

By Jill Cash (16/01/2016)

Hey Jill Cash, formerly Lassetter 45 De Montfort Rd, right? I've been wondering what happened to you (and Sandy House). I live in Huddersfield now but was in Brighton in August and cycled past the Hare and Hounds where you once had a party! How you doing? Lynne (was Brewer) 

By Lynne P (10/10/2017)

Hi, my Auntie Carole is 70, she was fostered as a child by two sisters who lived off Elm Grove. My Aunt was sent to Elm Grove school for at least 5 years. Does anyone remembers her? Her name was Carole Lowrie.

By Ashley Geddes - Pierce (30/10/2017)

Hi, I went to Elm Grove School in the 50's. My name was Linda Matthews then and I had a twin brother Geoff. It looks like me in the photo second row right second to last. 

By Linda Pierson (17/05/2018)