Fawcett School, York Place

Friends made my experience fantastic

By Peter Butcher

I attended Fawcett Between 1954 and 1959. I learnt a lot about the misuse of authority and a few other things as well. The form master here was Jaz Bolton. He was ok. Firm but fair. The photo here is from either 1955 or 1956. I will fill in as many names as I can.

Front row - Mickey Harris; Hugh Beeson; Chris Sharp; Mickey Haslam; ?; Gary Turner.

2nd row - ?  ? Hugh Douhney. ? Jaz Bolton. ?; ?; ?; ?

3rd row- Barry Hall; Chris Simms; ?; Allan Manchee; ? ;?; ? penfold. John Wyatt; ?; ?; Peter Butcher

Back row- Sam Weller; Paul ?; Bob Collins; Clive Parkin; ?; Geoff Minter. David Langston; ?

I had a fantastic time at Fawcett , made a lot of friends, who I unfortunately did not keep in touch with. It was the friends that made the experience fantastic, not the school. 

Can you put some names to faces? If you can, please post a comment below.

Photo:Class photograph 1955/56

Class photograph 1955/56

From the personal collection of Peter Butcher

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I can fill in some of the missing links here:

Front Row: Michael Harris,Hugh Beeson, Chris Sharp,Michael Haslam,Geoff Wares,? Gary Turner.

Second Row: Green,? Nathan Doney, Paul Stace,Jaz Bolton, Keith Willis, Alan Stacey, Thomsett, Parkhurst

Third Row:Barry Hall,Chris Simms,David Lyle,Alan Manchee, Graham Penfold,Jumbo Wyatt,David Evans, ? Peter Butcher

Back Row:Sam Weller, Paul Thayre, Chris Sharp,Bob Collins,Clive Parkin, Keith Minter,Geoff Milton, David Langston Paul Goffs

I hope that I have got at least some of these right! Well done to Peter Butcher for posting this photo. Peter (who currently lives in Sweden) and I keep in touch and should anyone wish to meet I will be happy to make the arrangements  please contact me.

By Chris Simms (27/04/2018)

Front row 2nd from right is John Francis.

By Alan Leonard Brown (21/05/2018)

Front row 2nd from right is John Francis, 3rd row Ken Arthur, 2nd row 2nd left me, Alan Brown is next to me and Henry don't Nathan was his brother.

By Alan Leonard Brown (21/05/2018)

Well done Peter for setting this chain of memories up and thanks Chris for suggesting we try to meet up. I wonder how many of the class are left, now that we must all be around the 75 mark!  For me time has been spent mainly in the Army (40 years) and in Sport (took up Dragon Boat Racing).  Great if we can get the class back together, count me in. Now living in Bognor Regis Mob 07910 200 331.  Mike Haslam (front Row with class board).

By Mike MacKeddie-Haslam (21/06/2018)

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