George Street

Memories of an ex-pat

By Barbara Strotten nee Spencer

Photo:George Street Hove

George Street Hove

Image reproduced with kind permission of The Regency Society and The James Gray Collection

Sad to miss the school

It made my day to read the comments about George Street and remembering the memories of the stores. I went to George Street School for  two years from 1957,  I certainly remember Mr Jones. I visited the street some years ago, although it is lovely and modern, it was sad to miss the school. But I walked through into the car park to help me with the lovely memories and I certainly could feel them as I stood in what I felt would have been the playground. I feel it would have been coming up to a hundred years old now as I remember being there and celebrating its 50th birthday.

What shops do you remember? If you can share memories with us, please leave a comment below

On the internet to reminisce

I loved De Marcos coffee shop, and the store that ground the coffee beans, I will never forget that wonderful aroma. I bought my first record of Elvis Presley at the record store. My mother worked at the greengrocers that was halfway up the street on the right hand side going up. I remember the street being painted, done up and decorated for the Queen's visit; what an occasion that was. As I now live in Australia, I often jump on the internet to look up Hove to reminisce. It was certainly lovely to read the comments and reminisce about George Street.

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Comments about this page

Hello Barbara, great to read your memories of George Street. You mentioned the Queen's visit, did you know there is a short film on the wonderful Pathe News website? It shows the Queen walking down George Street (you may even be in the crowd). Here's the link

By Paul Clarkson (17/08/2014)

I too have fond memories of George Street as, in 1978 when in my last year of senior school (Dorothy Stringer), I got a part time job - Friday evening after school and Saturday morning at Bellmans supermarket, filling shelves. An experience which I still remember vividly after all these years. A portion of my 15 shillings wage I spent in the record shop across the road.

By Tony Caig (18/08/2014)

Lived in Cromwell road in the 50s and early 60s and remember going to the old Sainsburys in George Street with its marble tops and eggs for 1 1/4 penny each. Shipphams fish and chips on the right hand side just before the school, a favourite place before cubs at Ralli Hall. Wickham, Kimber and Oakley for records. Later I worked part time in University Plastics, a rival to Hove Decorating Centre that is featured in the photo. Pleased the old fire station crest still remains over the cafe.

By Mick Wright (19/08/2014)

I used to live in St Aubyns, just around the corner and spent many hours in George Street. Not only do I remember the Royal visit but also Frankie Vaughn opening a clothes store there. I remember the greengrocers as we bought all our veggies for the hotel there. One of the chaps working there had a sister who was a local beauty queen. This was my main reason for going in there, a hormonal teenager, hoping for a glimpse. Ah, the smell of the roasting coffee wafting down the street, the ice creams in DeMarcos and the cakes in Clarkes Bakery. Nostalgia rules ok. 


By Tad Piotrowski (19/08/2014)

I lived in Goldstone Villas, then Blatchington Road. I too remember seeing Frankie Vaughan opening the clothes store. I worked in Drages the greengrocers on a Saturday to earn some pocket money. I remember the smell of roast coffee beans. Coe's fishmongers and Butchers, Shaws Stores, Lyons leather goods, Broadley Brothers, Liptons, Sainsbury's, De Marcos. The list goes on and on. Ah, the memories.

By Jim Lewis (22/02/2018)

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