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Has anyone any information on these photos? I can be contacted on

By Jennifer Tonks nee Smith (01/01/2009)

Thank you to those who have emailed me. I now know that the third photo at the top (Eiffel Tower) is from Queen of Hearts from 1929/30. Andrew Melville is among those on stage with Tessie O'shea, Sam Mayo, Beryl Riggs and Bert Elmore, a  local comedian. Thank you for that information. Much appreciated.

By Jennifer Tonks nee Smith (09/01/2009)

My Grandmother Isabel Norman appeared in many of Melville's stage plays. I have never, ever seen a picture of her, can anyone help or have any information please?

By Maureen Noble (07/09/2010)

Hallo Maureen. Have a look at the new book out recently called 'Back stage Brighton'.

By Jennifer Tonks nee Smith (14/11/2010)

Sorry - I've just found this reply, but thank you Jennifer. I will certainly look out for the book

By Maureen Noble (18/03/2011)

Dear Jennifer,  I skived off games with a mate in c1953 to see Gypsy Rose Lee at the Grand doing her striptease and accompanied by the obligatory statuesque nudes.  What a bad boy!!

By John Snelling (23/05/2015)

My grandmother was Laura or Louisa Maud Taylor, daughter of Big Bill Taylor! fisherman. My father was Reginald W.A.L Jarvis married to Olive Jarvis. My name is Susan Howlett (nee Jarvis). If you have any information of the Taylor/Jarvis side of our family (I am researching my parents and ancestors on both sides), could you please e-mail any information you have available please.

By Susan Howlett (28/04/2017)