Do you remember the café?

Kays Café 21 Bond Street

By Laurence Roy

Do you remember this café?

Did you ever visit this eatery?

What sort of food did they produce?

Please post a comment if you do remember.


Photo:Bond Street 1958

Bond Street 1958

From the personal collection of Laurence Roy

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Comments about this page

Is that a chocolate machine, or fag machine on the wall?  I think it must be chocolate, because only shops sold fags; who remembers them on the wall of every shop or cafe?

By Peter Groves (20/12/2017)

I went there perhaps once a week for lunch, when I worked at the Brighton Herald 1950's. Would usually have roast beef, dumplings and two dollops of mashed potato, followed by spotted dick and custard, washed down with a mug of strong, sweet tea. All for about one shilling and sixpence I believe! One day, a most attractive girl came bounding in and plonked herself at my table and ordered something similar. She was an assistant at Ransomes, a radio spares shop just a few doors up. I was rather flattered, and spent most of the lunch hour giving her the benefit of my extensive knowledge of electronics and amateur radio! 

By Brian Hatley (20/12/2017)

Until he retired in the 1960s, my dad Robert Mead, worked for my grand-dad across the road at Mead & Co auction sale rooms, he always referred to this café as The Coffee Shop; long before the coffee shops invasion of the 21st century!

By Geoffrey Mead (20/12/2017)

Pretty sure that is a cigarette machine. Chocolate had not such an impact at that time but cig's were a necessity.

By Sandra Bohtlingk (21/12/2017)

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