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North Laine History website

By Jennifer Drury

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North Laine History

Peter Crowhurst, North Laine resident and Chair of the residents association, the NLCA, for nine years, has recently launched a website dedicated to the history of North Laine. The website has potted histories of all of North Laine’s streets and pages on the area’s historical buildings and characters. Peter helped to produce The North Laine Book, Discover the North Laine on foot and worked with local historian Geoffrey Mead, to produce a number of podcasts on North Laine’s history. He has also been a valued member of the longstanding My Brighton and Hove website volunteer editorial team for many years.

A 'must visit' website

North Laine History is a 'must visit' for anyone interested in local history, and is a veritable treasure trove of interesting and informative articles. The site is easy to navigate and charts the development of the North Laine from just one of Brighton's large fields used for the growing of wheat and barley, to one of the most colourful and vibrant neighbourhoods in the city.

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