Downs School

Miss Atkins' class: 1a Juniors c.1959

By Irene Dobson (nee Budd)

Photo:Miss Atkins' class: 1a Juniors c.1959

Miss Atkins' class: 1a Juniors c.1959

From the private collection of Irene Dobson (nee Budd)

Back Row:
Miss Atkins, Pamela George, Carol Matthews, ? Pat Shepherd, Barbara Trussler,Marion Crammond, ? Florentina Lowenstein, ? Linda Reeves, Davina Coull.

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2nd Row:
Christopher Brencher, Peter Worley, ?Hall, Robert Pettett, David Cox, ? Gerald Turner, ? ? ? ?  Adrian Atkins

3rd Row:
Margaret Dodd, Me-Irene Budd, Christine Elms, Sandra Coughtry, Kay Baker, ? ? Sonsie Kingsley, Muriel?, ? ?

Front Row:
? Graham Johnson, Graham Slaughter, Gary Bliss, Carol Hudson ( she died in 1960 of Leukaemia. When we were in Mr Taylor's class - very sad) Peter Waller, David Carder, Trevor Keats, Julia Voller


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The girl between Marion Crammond and Tina Malenczak (me) at the back is Barbara Payne, who sadly passed away at Christmas 1967. The boy 3rd from the left on the second row is Martin Hall. The boy on the right of David Cox is Richard Lennox, then Gerald Newman (not Turner). The boy on the left of Adrian Atkins is Ian Davey. The girl to the right of Sonsie Kingsley is Muriel McKibben. Can anybody fill in the other names for us?

By Tina Malenczak (nee Lowenstein) (14/07/2016)

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