Moulsecoomb Memories

The 67 Centre and apple fights

By Carly Bonner

Photo:Hiker's Rest pub and two old cottages opposite

Hiker's Rest pub and two old cottages opposite

Image reproduced with kind permission of The Regency Society and The James Gray Collection

Lived in Ringmer Road

I was brought up in Ringmer Road with my mum Phyllis Bonner, my father Terry Bonner, and my brothers and sisters. I remember the old blue police box by the subway and remember big tall trees along the main road until the hurricane blew them down. I also remember the two old cottages opposite the Hiker's Rest public house. Every body knew everybody at that time, it was a great community.

The 67 Centre

For entertainment there was the 67 Centre which opened, coincidentally in 1967, where we played table tennis and snooker or on the pinball machine. Often we would all meet up in the cold winter evenings, split up into two groups, and have the best apple fights, scrumping the apples of any tree that had them on. I remember the local bobby Mr Laurence the best copper ever, he would never nick us for anything, but would give sound advice, did we take it? of course not.

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Our friendly copper

I remember when having a apple fight over the new park, he would see us and come over to talk to us. We would be throwing apples at him while he was chasing us around the tree on his motor bike - lovely copper. They were the best days of my life in Ringmer Road. I always have a chuckle about the times I had growing up there.


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