Mystery photos of Brighton and Hove

Who are these smart little chaps?

By Jennifer Drury

Photo:Mystery march?

Mystery march?

Royal Pavilion and Museums Brighton and Hove

Do you recognise anyone

Well it is very clear where this photograph was taken. But when was it shot and who are these very smart little chaps?

It is possible to read parts of the standards - does that help?

If you recognise yourself or anyone else, or you can identify the occasion, please leave a comment below.

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St George's Day Parade, I should think.

By Renia Simmonds (18/12/2014)

Hmm, clearly Cubs and there appears to be Scouts there too.  More than one troop by the looks of the standards and, given the location, a big event.  A risk of bad weather since they are mostly carrying coats.  All things considered I would suggest a St George's Day parade, probably in the 70s?

By Geoff Robbins (18/12/2014)