North Street Portslade

Remembering the shops

By Eric Masters

Photo:North Street Portslade: Station Road end.

North Street Portslade: Station Road end.

From a postcard from Francis Frith

Fish and chip shops

Comment has been made here about various shops in North Street Portslade. Mention was made of Silverthorne's fish and chip shop. At one time Lower Portslade could boast about four good fish and chip shops. As well as Silverthorne's, there was Cave's in North St, Ford's in Station Road, and one I cannot remember the name of, in Church Rd.

Asking for crackling

Back before 1929 there was a little fish and chip shop at the bottom of North Street, next to the old Pavilion picture house, run by a man named Peters. Sadly this was all demolished circa 1930 when the new Pavilion was built. I knew them all as when they were open we used to trek between them all asking for the crackling.

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Remember the junk shop? 

How many of you can remember the story of the chap who kept a junk shop on the corner of Clarence Street? His shop had a bit of a reputation for being a place where us youngsters did not loiter around, but passed it by very quickly or even crossed the road to avoid it. Very few people ever saw the owner; nobody seemed to like going in the shop as if it was haunted or something.

Tough law then

One night he met a very sticky end - murdered in his shop. Two local men were soon picked up for it, stood trial, found guilty and sentenced to be hung. Now one of these men was very young and had started life in the East Street area and got in with bad company. Efforts were made to commute the sentence to imprisonment but it all fell on deaf ears and he was hung. Yes the law was tough in those days.

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Comments about this page

As I pointed out on another page of this site regarding North Street; this photograph was in fact taken looking towards Station Road, from just above Middle Street, i.e. about three-quarters of the way down North Street. The photographer was standing on the north side of the road and the old Baptist Church would have been behind him. The slope of the road gives it away, even without the shops on the other side. I spent the first ten months of my life living in a flat above number 57 North Street which is just behind the group of ladies standing chatting on the pavement; more or less where the lamp post is. I would say the photograph is from around 1915-20 by the style of clothes and the pram.

Clearly, even Francis Frith got his notation wrong sometimes.

By Alan Phillips (30/10/2016)

Not so much about the page just about Eric Masters. Did he have a transport business once doing contract work for Fryco?

By Terry Neal (02/11/2016)

As of the early 1960s the fish and chip shop in Church Road, Portslade, was called Supreme Fisheries. It was at number 22, and was owned by Ray Bundy.

By Michael Clark (11/11/2016)

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