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Johnny D and the Initials 1962

By Rodger Olive

A request for photographs

Following a request for photos of the very popular group Johnny D and the Initials, from the daughter of the singer, I have scanned some publicity photos I took on or about 1963.

Sadly as I gave most of the photos to the boys in the band, I have only a few left, after fifty years or so things go missing, and unfortunately Johnny D (Grover) was only in a couple of them.  


Photo:Larking About

Larking About

Photo by Rodger Olive

Photo:Outside the Florida Rooms Possibly During the Gene Bennet Era

Outside the Florida Rooms Possibly During the Gene Bennet Era

Photo by Rodger Olive

Photo:Rick Gadd

Rick Gadd

Photo by Rodger Olive



Photo by Rodger Olive

Photo:On stage at the Florida Rooms

On stage at the Florida Rooms

Photo by Rodger Olive

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Comments about this page

Great to see these photos but am a bit confused as John Grover (the singer) hasn't got a daughter.

By David Phillips (27/09/2016)

What a great photo by the bus stop. I have waited many times for the 26, which then became the 26B, but never remember any such excitement as in this photo!

By Sandra Bohtlingk (28/09/2016)

Elsewhere on this website, John Grover himself stated that he had a wife, two sons, and two grandsons.  There was no mention of a daughter. Perhaps it was a daughter-in-law who requested photos, Rodger?

By Alan Hobden (29/09/2016)

Alan you could be right, but it was so long ago I can't remember. Anyway the photos needed sharing as they have been languishing in an album since I took them in about 1962/3. Great days, a brilliant band and friends. Seems like only yesterday.

By Rodger Olive (29/09/2016)

Hi Rodger Olive. It is with regret that I have to inform you of the passing of John Grover on 16th April 2018 after a long illness and to seek your permission to use the photo "Larking About" at the reception after his Cremation. Many thanks in advance.

By David Phillips (02/05/2018)

Sad to hear the news. Please use any of the photos. There are others on the site. They were good times.

By Rodger Olive (03/05/2018)

Many thanks Rodger.

By David Phillips (05/05/2018)

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