Portslade Reminiscences

Living in Wellington Road

By Francis Marett

Photo:Wellington Road: Portslade

Wellington Road: Portslade

┬ęPeter Holmes: Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license 2.0

Our local shops

From 1929 - 1940 we lived in Wellington Road Portslade. I went to St Peter's Infant School; St Andrew's Junior and later to Hove County School. I remember Bains the grocers opposite H & C Matthewman the butchers, and Mr Purdy who worked there and lived next door to us. I also remember Mrs Chase's sweet shop, on the south corner of Middle Street and the Moon family who lived there. I also recall an attractive girl who stayed a while at the Chase house whilst her home in Brighton was under repair and who was always impeccably turned out for school.

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Wartime memories

Special friends were George Johnson and Terry King. Like many others of our friends we went to the Baptist Church. I remember C.F.L. where a hall full of boys would watch and listen to stories illustrated with lantern slides and organised by ‘Pop’ Cobbold. We would sing lustily "Marching beneath the banner" with accompanying deafening foot stamping. So many exciting memories return - war time - watching a Dornier, flying menacingly above the canal towards Hove, then turning to drop a huge bomb on the gas works. I have memories of Home Guard duties, learning to fire a rifle and a spigot mortar, and of course night watch at the Gas Works.

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