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I love this beautiful house. Have been dozens of times. Children when younger often came with us. Just beautiful.

By Jennifer Tonks (25/05/2012)

The Preston Manor grounds and churchyard used to be home to a large number of squirrels, which my daughter delighted in feeding as a little girl (now she's 40!). There were in the early 1970s some elderly ladies (sisters?) who used to feed the squirrels with peanuts from their hands and give them containers of water (recycled margarine tubs). They seemed to know all the different creatures even down to identifying siblings and family contacts! Gently eccentric and quite charming.

By Geoffrey Mead (25/05/2012)

Now that is a real "upstairs / downstairs" the like of which will probably never be seen again. However, I would like to know what Mr. Thomas-Stanford's occupation was.

Editor's note: Mr Thomas-Stanford did not have an occupation John. He occupied himself with study and research, pursuing his interests in archaeology and history. Between 1903 and 1912 he published five books inspired by his homes and travels. He was elected Mayor of Brighton in 1910, a position he held until 1913, and so began many years of public and civic duty. Jennifer

By John Wall VK2 (26/05/2012)

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