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Producing the Evening Argus:Ernie Care

By Rodger Olive

Photo:My grandfather at work

My grandfather at work

From the private collection of Rodger Olive

Worked for sixty years

My grandfather Ernie Care was a compositor on the Evening Argus and associated newspapers.  He worked for the company from the early 1900s for about 60 years; having a few years off to serve his country in the WWI.  He was also a Special Constable serving outside the old Goldstone ground for many years.  

Learnt to write backwards

This is a photo taken by the Argus photographer which shows grandad at work.  As everyone is no doubt aware all of the letters were a mirror image of the printed page and so grandad learnt to write backwards -  as neat as anyone could write normally. I have some letters he wrote to my grandmother whilst he was at war.  

Upper and lower cases

In the photo you will see cases holding the lead letters, the top or Upper Case held the capital letters and the bottom or Lower Case held the regular letters - so that's where our common usage of Upper and Lower case come from.

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My surname was Bryant, and my dad Jack and some of his brothers, William (Bill), Arthur, and  Albert, worked at the Argus site in Brighton. I wonder if anyone still remembers them?

By Joyce Blackman (nee Bryant) (04/07/2017)


My dad Bob Cree worked at the Argus at Robert Street from the 1930s until he retired in 1979. He was a compositor on the Argus. He used to take me in sometimes on school holidays. I'll never forget that ink smell and those huge rollers! And the noise. I loved it! Other names and mates of his I recall are Eric Girl, Peter Head, Burt Morley, the Tree brothers, Derek and Betty Pratt. I don't remember him mentioning Ernie Care but he must have know him. Anyone remember Bob Cree? He married Janet Langridge (my mum) in 1960. She worked at the Argus.

Bob Cree (Jnr)

By Bob Cree (13/08/2017)

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