St Andrew's School

British Bulldog and 'Kiss and Chase'

By Bonita Holland

Photo:St Andrew's School, George Street

St Andrew's School, George Street

Image reproduced with kind permission of The Regency Society and The James Gray Collection

From 1964 to 1970

I went to St Andrew's School when it was in George Street from 1964 to 1970. My friends were Kirsten Schlesinger, Ashley Cox and Jean Arnold. I loved my school days, especially the entertainments and plays we put on; the games we played of Batman and Robin - I was always Cat Girl. I remember that a boy called Joe arrived from the USA to join our class; he was fun and taught us all new games. I remember playing 'beads' with the girls, but also British Bulldog, and of course how could I forget kiss and chase.

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Milk in a wigwam

We kept pet guinea pigs in our classrooms and got to take them home on weekends. The best times were at Christmas, when every class had a special Christmas party. I remember too that there were special trips and special activities. In my final year we went on a day trip to France to Bolougne. The most bizarre thing I remember was student teachers helping us to make a class wigwam during a project on American Indians. If you did good work you were allowed to drink your daily milk sitting with a friend inside the wigwam. Funny the things you remember.


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My name is Alan Smith and I remember being a pupil there and I actually started the first football team, and I was also the lead in the choir. I remember Kirsten, Ashley and John.

By Alan Smith (04/06/2016)

P.S Also remember you Bonnie you had very blonde hair if I recollect, and also Gail who was a bit of a tomboy.

By Alan Smith (23/06/2016)

Hi Alan, I'm still in touch with Jean Arnold who was also in our class and has stayed local. I live in Guildford now. I met up with Kirsten when we were 50 she was living in Putney. 

It was a lovely school and I have retained many detailed memories of my time there. 


By Bonita Holland (17/01/2017)

Hi, I was in your class too (Janet Buten).  My mum was the school secretary for several years until she had my younger brother.  I still live in Hove.


By Janet Cottingham (18/01/2017)

Hi Janet, sorry cant remember you (old age lol) but remember our music teacher who came from Canada if I recollect. I live in Southwick, near Shoreham.


By Alan Smith (17/04/2017)

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