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I loved this. Are you able to put names to anyone? It looks so friendly and the homes look great. Makes me nostalgic for a time when we had a nicer society.

By Jennifer Tonks (30/10/2008)

Hi Jennifer, the only names I know are my mum and dad ,George and Joan Cook, (I've pointed them out in couple of the photos), my grandmother Alice Pattenden and I think the blond girl with the magazine costume is Christine Evans. Plus there was a family named Hale. I would love to hear from any one else who recognizes anyone in the photos.
For me it was a wonderfully friendly and safe place to grow up.

By Eric Cook (03/11/2008)

My husband Rod can’t remember much about the day but he is the one dressed as a Hulo Hulo girl with his brother Charlie next to him in one of the photos not in fancy dress. He can also name quite a few of the other people. His mum and dad were Charlie and Flo Constable they are also in the photographs.

By Rodney Constable (30/09/2009)

Great to see these photos. We lived at number 6 Wiston Path and my brothers and I are in picture number five in the middle of the first row. You may just be able to see the sailing yachts on our jumpers. We are also in one or two of the other snaps. Great memories and thanks to Eric for putting them on line.

By Les Knight (05/03/2013)