St Peter's School, Portslade

1957 School Outing

By Alan Phillips

Was it to the Scouts camp?

Another Southdown Motor Services coach and another school outing, in 1957 I think. I cannot remember for certain where we went - although I've a feeling it might have been to the Scouts camp on the Henfield Road (A281) close to Newtimber.

Can you fill in some names?

These are the names I can remember, if anyone can fill in any missing names it would be greatly appreciated. If you can help, please leave a comment below.

Teachers l – r: Miss Lewis (?), Miss Conn (?), Miss Clothier (Headmistress) with the poodle

Standing l – r: Derek Gough, ?, ?, ?, ?, Alan Phillips, Richard Mason, Maurice Forrest, Raymond Guy, Robert Shipham, David French, ?, Malcolm Verrall (? half hidden), Arthur Pumfrey, John Baker, ?, Denis Martin, Stephen Williams, ?, ?, ?

Kneeling l – r: ?, Michael Winstanley (?), ?, William Mason, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Jackie Garrett, ?, ?, ?, ?, Ann Scott (?)

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Photo:School trip for St Peter's School, Portslade

School trip for St Peter's School, Portslade

From the private collection of Alan Phillips

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7th girl from the left is Joan Sell and 9th from the left is Pam Robinson.

By John Holden (28/09/2012)

I'm standing next to Miss Lewis at the back.

By Jeff Howell (02/08/2016)

I went to St Peters from 1957-9 but can't see myself on this photo. I remember Miss Lewis, she came to teach at the Knoll, unfortunately she suffered a case of extreme sun stroke and died. Connecting through the years the current Head is a long-term friend of mine. 

By Dee Wray (16/04/2018)