Westdene School's 2010 tour of Brighton and Hove

The fingerprint maze

By Billy Swann

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Photo:Fingerprint maze in Hove Park

Fingerprint maze in Hove Park

Photo by Tony Mould

A great tourist attraction

Hove Park, in Goldstone Crescent, is a great tourist attraction. This spectacular park has a variety of great activities and places to meet, including a fantastic fingerprint maze, which I found lots of fun. They also they have a superb playground (which was only recently built). Also, Hove Park has a football pitch, cafe, tennis courts and a bowls green, which is fabulous because it brings people in to Brighton and is great fun.

Memories of Grandad

This park is special to me because when my Grandad passed away they decided to create a bench for him. Every time I sit on the bench it reminds me of the happy memories of my Granddad. Also before he died he wanted to have his ashes scattered over Hove Park. When I visit Hove Park it feels like his spirit is gracefully swaying in the trees and around me.

Mum and Dad met there

Another reason why Hove Park is so special is that my Mum plays tennis for Hove Park Tennis Club, and I often play tennis with my Mum there. A further reason is that my Mum met my Dad at Hove Park, because my dad was playing rugby and my mum was playing tennis. They met there and got together.

Always something to do

I particularly like Hove Park because, when you go there, you always have something to do and it is also all very enjoyable. Hove Park is a great place to go and I’d personally recommend it to all the tourists who visit Brighton.

Hove Park

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