Westdene School's 2010 tour of Brighton and Hove

Withdean Sports Complex

By Daniel Marris

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Photo:Withdean Sports Complex

Withdean Sports Complex

Photo by Tony Mould

I love playing tennis

My favourite place in Brighton and Hove is the Withdean Sports Complex. Since I was four I have been visiting it regularly to play tennis, watch the Albion play football and I even learnt to ride my bike in the car park. I really enjoy spending time there because I love playing tennis. With six courts, three of which are inside, it gives me a great opportunity to learn and have fun with my friends. 

Grew up on its doorstep

It is special to me because I practically grew up on its doorstep and from an early age I was walking down on my own to play. I have enjoyed myself every time I have been to the centre since I can remember!

A wood full of adventures

All around you, when you are on the tennis courts, are beautiful beech trees and a massive wood full of surprises and adventures. Inside the complex there is a big dance studio, a small and friendly gym (where we have our fitness lessons). There is a peaceful sauna, heated tennis courts and a long reception area with chairs and tables, beautifully laid out for your convenience. 

Spending time with friends

In a nutshell, my favourite place in Brighton and Hove is Withdean Sports Complex, because I’ve spent a lot of my childhood there and I’ve had so much fun spending time with my friends.

Withdean Sports Complex

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I remember it when it was a ZOO. The smell of animal dung used to hit you immediately you came through the railway arch. I think that the present Withdean residents were better off with football once a week during the season, than having to live with that smell on a daily basis.

By Roy Grant (13/05/2010)