Westdene School's 2010 tour of Brighton and Hove

The Seafront

By Fraser Walker

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Photo:Beach huts on Hove Promenade

Beach huts on Hove Promenade

Photo by Tony Mould

Exotic and wonderful places

There are many exotic and wonderful places in Brighton and Hove, but I have chosen one particular place in Brighton as my favourite and this is the seafront. It is hard to choose, as there are many beautiful and exciting places where I live.

The sea trickles and sparkles

One of the reasons why the seafront is so beautiful and relaxing is because of the breeze which brushes across your face, like a fan shaken in front of you. I also love the whooshing sound of the wind in my ears. When I walk down promenade the sea trickles and sparkles, and I stare at it in amazement.

Feeling of freedom

Secondly, the sparkling sea makes me feel like I have freedom and it makes feel like I’m going to burst with energy. My Dad and I have always had so much fun throwing pebbles in the salty wavy sea; when it splashes, the swaying waves hit the pebbles like breaking thunder.

A good way to keep fit

There are so many great activities, such as running and playing through the deep gaps of the beach huts with my sister. Going to the seafront is a good way to keep fit because lots of people cycle and run along the promenade. Additionally, other ways in which it can be fun are when I go whizzing along on my scooter or my eazy rider go-kart on the long concrete promenade.

I hope I continue to get just as much pleasure from the seafront as the years pass, and I grow up and become a young man.

Hove promenade

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