Westdene School's 2010 tour of Brighton and Hove

Rock pools and the seafront

By Oscar Thorpe

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Photo:Rock pools on the beach

Rock pools on the beach

Photo by Tony Mould

Paddling about in the sea

I like Brighton seafront, because, on a warm day, I enjoy going down to the seafront and paddling about in the sea. I also like strolling along the front to the rock pools and peering under large and small rocks for crabs, starfish, limpets and occasionally lobsters.

Who get the most wet?

I also enjoy seeing who gets the wettest while looking for these creatures. Brighton seafront is special to me because I have known that area ever since I was little. I used to take my brother down there because he is interested in nature related subjects.

Interesting finds

Before, when I have been down there, I found up to ten different types of seaweed, a live starfish (missing a leg!), and I went surfing (on a piece of driftwood) down a steep bank of pebbles.

Rock pools and the seafront

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