Westdene School's 2010 tour of Brighton and Hove

Westdene Primary School

By Giulia Green

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Photo:Westdene Primary School

Westdene Primary School

Photo by Tony Mould

My beloved location

Many people have different favourite places that may be linked to what they do. They might like places that leave them inspired or peaceful. My beloved location in Brighton and Hove would be, with no doubt, Westdene Primary School.

An eco friendly environment

The school is situated in a pocket between the A27 and the London Road, and is set in a wonderful eco friendly environment. Westdene is a welcoming school, a home to me, as I know that I can always rely on the school whilst playing with all my friends. At Westdene there are a multiplicity of different clubs such as netball, running, film club, football training and many more.

Proud achievements and awards

Westdene Primary is an astonishing school, known for its many proud achievements and awards in numerous topics. Not only that, the teachers are the ones that make the puzzle complete. The puzzle just would not be solved without the hard working, fantastic teachers and staff. While I have been at Westdene I have learnt how to hold a pen, read and write, how to co-operate with others, how to describe and punctuate.

One big family

I have also learned how to do sums and problems, carry out experiments and study history. I know that the world is a sphere, and I have learned many skills and spellings. At Westdene I have learned to play instruments and explore countless subjects and objectives. I spend many hours a week at my school with my friends and teachers and I feel like each class is one big family, all working together and having lots of fun. That is why I like this place so much.

Westdene Primary School

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