Westdene School's 2010 tour of Brighton and Hove

Westdene Library

By Axel Masera

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Photo:Children's area in Westdene Library

Children's area in Westdene Library

Photo by Tony Mould

Sail the seven seas

At last, it is Saturday. Yesterday, after school I went to my favourite place, the Westdene Library and came back with a company of demi-gods. Today I am going again, hoping to sail the seven seas with a pirate crew. So I jump out of bed and wake everyone up. Once dressed, we rush out of the house, my library card safely in my pocket. The seagulls are singing their salty cries above our heads.

The comfy leather settee

I push the door to the library and the warm smell of magical pages reaches my nose. “Good morning lad,” says the friendly lady at the till. “Here are the books you reserved yesterday.” Thanking her, I settle in the comfy leather settee in the kids' corner.

The library is mine

It is quiet now because of the early hour, but yesterday, after school, it was buzzing with excited children, pulling books out of shelves, sharing a chair in front of the computer and younger siblings playing with a big ball. But now the library is mine. I open the first page of my book and forget about the world around me for a few moments. The sunrays are winking at me through the large windows.

See you there soon

“Time to go,” whispers my Mum softly, taking me back to the world. “Bleep” goes the computer when the lady passes my book under a red ray. “Clank” goes the rubber stamp on my book. “Creak” goes the door as I leave my favourite place. Hope to see you at the library soon.

Westdene Library

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Comments about this page

Axel, I loved your description of your favourite place - Westdene's Library. It took me right back to when I was about 10-11 years old and my younger sister and I were allowed to go to the local library on our own. We were both bookworms and would spend entire Saturdays lost in those wonderful 'other worlds'.

By Helen (16/05/2010)

Fantastic piece of writing, I love it very much. Well done Axel, go on writing.

By Jacques (23/05/2010)

Axel, you are such a talented boy! Hard to believe you are just in year 5. I hope to read a book from you in a few years!

By Anm (29/05/2010)

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