Caught on Camera

Seafront perspectives

By Joanne Neville

I would like to share these pictures of Brighton Seafront. Hope you enjoy them.

Photo:Brighton beach deck chairs

Brighton beach deck chairs

Photo by Joanne Neville

Photo:West Pier couple

West Pier couple

Photo by Joanne Neville

This page was added on 28/04/2010.
Comments about this page

Nice pictures Joanne. My feet hurt remembering the pebbles. Used to be amazed at some people walking down to the water shoeless and apparently oblivious to the stones. West Pier looks so sad.

By Iris (01/05/2010)

It's practise! We used to run, not walk, hand & head stands too! Shame about the West Pier, my granny used to be a cook on there.

By Anne Newman (08/04/2012)

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