Becky's 2010 tour of Brighton and Hove

Brighton Marina

By Becky Davies

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Photo:Brighton Marina

Brighton Marina

Photo by Tony Mould

Lots to do here

There is a lot to do at Brighton Marina. I like going bowling and going to the cinema with my friends and family. I often eat out here because there are lots of different restaurants to choose from.

Sunday market bargains

I also enjoy walking on the Marina arms and visiting the market on a Sunday to get a bargain. My Grandad used to have a boat moored here and he took out anglers on day trips. He lived in a flat on one of the pontoons.

Starlings roosting in the evening

I like looking in the water to try and find shoals of little glittering silver fish. In the evening the starlings come to roost for the night. There are often events taking place at the Marina, like Dragon Boat racing during Brighton Festival.

Brighton Marina

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