Peter Pan's Playground

Jolly, jolly sixpence

By Brian Dungate

This photograph shows my two sons enjoying a ride at Peter Pan's Playground in 1968.

Besides conveying the modest feel of the place at that time, it's interesting to see that a ride cost 2½p then. Not that that was particularly cheap: it probably equates to what you would pay today for such a basic ride. Nevertheless, it's a reminder of how much our currency has devalued over the years.

All of that is of little relevance, however: it's always worth it to see kids having fun: priceless, in fact.

Photo:Dungate boys in Peter Pan's in 1968

Dungate boys in Peter Pan's in 1968

Photograph from the private collection of Brian Dungate

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This photograph brought back memories that go back to the 50s. Even then it was sixpence a ride so there was not a lot of increase the cost.

By John Wignall (21/05/2010)