North Laine

The shops are my favourite places

By Sebastian Goss

Photo:Fascinating shops in Kensington Gardens

Fascinating shops in Kensington Gardens

Photo by Tony Mould

Lots of interesting shops

I just love the shops in Brighton as they sell sparkling jewellery, fascinating old paintings and everything! Once I went to one down the North Laine and I was lucky enough to find a Marge Simpson action figure.  I always look for comics in the shops. One day my daddy found a set of bowls for £5.

A stack of comics

Today I went to the market and found a stack of Beano and Dandy fun sizes comics. Amongst them I discovered a Commando, a Hermit the frog bag pack and a Roald Dahl ‘James and the Giant Peach’ CD plus ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’.

Who was she?

In addition I saw a black and white picture, of one of the most famous people in the world although I did not know who it was but she was famous all right!

Going to Snoopers’ Paradise

There are all sorts of things you can find in second hand shops, I am going to try Snoopers’ Paradise next as my teacher has recommended it. I am Sebastian Goss, and my favourite places in Brighton, are the shops.

Sebastian Goss is a pupil in Year Six, Westdene Primary School



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