Peter's 2010 Tour of Brighton and Hove

The Royal Pavilion

By Peter Groves

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Photo:A glimpse of something special

A glimpse of something special

Photo by Peter Groves

A school visit

Any tour of Brighton cannot be complete without reference to The Royal Pavilion.  I first visited  The Royal Pavilion whilst on a compulsory school trip during the 1960’s and took no interest. At that time I had little curiosity in history, and much less in reading.

Book stimulated interest

Many years later, after getting married in 1979, I lived in the Queen's Park area and stumbled upon the Albert Paul book ‘Hard Work and no Consideration’.  It was this book that stimulated my interest in Brighton and local history.

Enthralling beauty

I visited The Royal Pavilion for the second time in the early 1980’s, inspired by Albert Paul and Clifford Musgrave.  It was a totally different experience since my earlier visit of the 1960’s.  The beauty as soon as you enter is enthralling and each room adds to the incredible experience.

Emerging through the trees

There are so many views of the The Royal Pavilion; however I like to view it from New Road, when it’s mostly hidden by the trees, just a glimpse of something special through the branches.  Then as you walk into Pavilion Gardens, its beauty quickly unfolds before you.


Royal Pavilion Gardesn

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