Lucy & Dave's Tour of Brighton and Hove

Undercliff Walk

By Lucy & Dave

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Photo:Rock pools on the Undercliff Walk

Rock pools on the Undercliff Walk

Photo by Tony Mould

Distraction for the baby                        

On a sunny Sunday afternoon (and the occasional blustery one), we often find ourselves pushing the pram along the under cliff pass. Sometimes it acts as a good distraction for the baby, sometimes it gives her a good opportunity to nap – but it’s always a good walk.

Like a beam of light

On a sunny day it can be like walking in a beam of light, due to the reflective chalk surfaces. On a windy day, when the tide is high, you’d best take a waterproof as the waves are always looking to climb the sea-wall searching for unsuspecting victims to soak.

Stunning beach views

Heading out from the Marina you can head along the path and take in some stunning views of the beach. When the tide is out, rock pools form an ideal opportunity for seeking out unsuspecting marine life. There’s always the chance an errant piece of the cliff might topple down, but what’s life without a little danger?

A Tardis for cake lovers

When you get to Ovingdean there’s a great cafe which is like a Tardis for cake lovers. Small in size, the cafe still manages to pack in a bountiful selection of cakey goodness which will give you enough energy to soldier on to Rottingdean, or Saltdean for the fleet of foot.

Undercliff Walk

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