Lucy & Dave's Tour of Brighton and Hove

Sea Life Centre

By Lucy & Dave

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Photo:Sea Life Centre

Sea Life Centre

Photo by Tony Mould

Timeless and charming

There is something very timeless and charming about the Sea Life Centre. If you stop and look beyond the bustling camera-phone wielding crowds and the furry neon fish toys in the gift shop, you could almost imagine you had travelled back in time a little.

No dolphins on show now

Of course, things have changed since Dave first visited the Sea Life Centre  as a schoolboy. There are no longer captive dolphins on show, and modern day visitors can learn about the threat of deforestation facing the Amazon alongside sharks and rays.

Creatures from the deep

Certain things will never change, such as seeing a child’s excitement as they come face to face with creatures from the deep. Though, to be honest we all get pretty excited standing with our faces pressed up against the glass staring at Lulu and Jersey the turtles!                                     

Sea Life Centre

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