Lucy & Dave's Tour of Brighton and Hove

Saturday walk on the seafront

By Lucy & Dave

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Photo:View of the seafront on a Saturday

View of the seafront on a Saturday

Photo by Tony Mould

Mirrors Brighton’s diversity

Nothing exemplifies Brighton’s eclecticism more than a trip along the seafront on a Saturday afternoon. Walking along the promenade from the Brighton Pier to the Peace Statue may not be the most pram friendly journey, but it’s still one worth embarking on. The disparate subcultures on show mirror Brighton’s diversity.

From art to hangovers

The walk starts with the vibrancy of the art galleries and the renowned carousel (which plays an interesting version of the Match of the Day theme tune). Then there are the fish shops and the chance for a family pit-stop at the Brighton Smokehouse for one of the daily specials. From there you pass the bars and the clubs, where the previous night’s revellers are working through hangovers and the afternoon drinkers flock to imbibe under the beating sun (or pouring rain, depending on how lucky you are).

And finally – an ice cream

From there you pass the hacky-sack players, the beach volley-ball enthusiasts and the basketball lovers. Then there are your skate-boarders, BMX riders and hula-hoopers all congregated on the flat area before the West Pier market. A stop off at the children’s playground rounds off the trip and then it’s off for ice-cream at the one of the cafes.

Seafront walk

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